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Medical Doctor.
Health Educator.
Public Speaker.
Health Tech Advisor.
Media Personality.


About Dr Tosin Sotubo-Ajayi

Dr Tosin Sotubo-Ajayi is a Medical Doctor (General Practitioner) with over a decade of clinical experience across both the NHS and private health sector, with a special interest in Women’s Health. She is also a HealthTeach advisor, health educator and speaker with a passion for spreading health awareness. She founded her online platform, to share her career journey and as a friendly and accessible space to educate and inspire as many people as possible to look after their health. She has worked in the media as a TV Doctor and was a resident doctor on the popular TV show Embarrassing Bodies. She has been featured in a number of publications and spoken on various prominent platforms. Her goal is to help improve the quality of healthcare globally whilst educating and empowering as many people as possible along the way. Dr Tosin Ajayi-Sotubo has over a decade of clinical experience across both the NHS and private health sector as a General practitioner, with a special interest in Women’s Health. Alongside her clinical work she also has a strong passion for the intersection of Healthcare delivery and Technology. She was selected as a UK NHS Clinical Entrepreneur in 2019 for her focus and interests on the intersection between healthcare and technology and its impact on healthcare outcomes. She has since had substantial experience working within the HealthTech sector across different digital health start-ups especially focusing on the improvement of Women’s Health. She currently works as a Senior Medical Advisor for a world leading FemTech company. She is also an advisory mentor for FemTech Lab, an accelerator programme for early stage FemTech founders. Dr Tosin works to raise awareness on health inequalities. She was commissioned by the Royal College of Physicians to write a paper on ‘A perspective on health inequalities in BAME communities and how to improve access to primary care’. She was also selected as a 2023 delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 67). Dr Tosin also serves as a Non-Executive Director for The Body Happy Organisation. The Body Happy Organisation is a Social Enterprise created with the purpose of promoting positive body image in children and young people, a topic very close to Dr Tosin’s heart.


Women's Health

As an experienced GP, Dr. Tosin has a particular focus on Women's Health and has significant expertise in this area.

Health Equity

She is committed to raising awareness about health inequalities and contributing to innovative solutions.

Mental Health

Dr. Tosin is passionate about mental health and contributes to discussions and initiatives aimed at improving mental health outcomes.

Health and Technology

She actively explores the intersection between healthcare and technology, with a focus on its impact on healthcare outcomes.

“Dr Tosin is passionate, open, articulate, and authentic, which is all you need to reach people.”

For speaking engagements, collaborations and partnerships

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