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A prominent voice and online presence, bridging Medicine, Technology and Wellness.

Confident and personable

Dr Tosin is a prominent voice who has spoken to and inspired many audiences with her speaking engagements. With over a decade of experience in healthcare, Dr Tosin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her presentations. Her confident and engaging yet personable approach has earned her rave reviews.

Dr Tosin has spoken on numerous prominent platforms from corporate workplaces, to schools, workshops and events. She has given talks to well-known companies such as Intuit, Salesforce, Silicon Valley Bank, Live Well Events, Diageo, Glamour UK and more.

Dr Tosin can deliver talks and workshops on a range of health topics for conferences, workshops, internal training and community and charity events.



“The feedback from the audience was incredible, and the stats that you brought were a real eye opener to many. Thank you for bringing these facts to the fore – they really help to land the message on the size and scale of the problem, helping to move people from passive bystanders to active allies.”


“Great speaker choice! Dr Tosin is super knowledgeable in this area! I feel better equipped to haveconversations on this subject”


“Dr Tosin is passionate, open, articulate, and authentic, which is all you need to reach people.”


Corporate Events Conferences

Get an empowering and practical talk that will leave your team or attendees feeling knowledgeable and equipped to make a change.

Internal Training & Workshops

Dive deep into topics of interest with exercises, interactive tools, and practical lessons. Perfect for smaller groups and training needs.

Community & Charity Events

Dr Tosin is passionate about making health information accessible and easy to understand, having worked with many non-profit organisations and charities.

Digital Content & Podcasts

Engage in an informative discussion through interviews, podcasts  and live chats. Dr Tosin also creates content for brands that share a similar mission. 

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